Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bowling with the family

Nights that Mark has off are infrequent and so when they happen, family becomes top priority and we try to do something fun as a family. On one of Mark's very rare Friday nights off, we decided to go bowling. I had to capture the joy and excitement on my boy's faces. I'm no photographer, but man, I love my kids and the faces they make!

Here is Camden letting one of his balls go.He watches eagerly to see what will happen.I love that tongue poking out! It's a sign of concentration for him.So much anticipation!Yes! He knocked some down!
Then of course we have Easton. I love those tiny little hands on such a big ball.
Easton is not as expressive as brother. Like personalities, he is more shy and reserved, so we see his semi smile here. That's a good thing!
Here is real excitement!
Pensive (or just picking at his lips, but we'll go with pensive)
And back to his normal, subtle, shy smile. (Ignore the dirt on the corner of his mouth - not sure what that is). I love that face!

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