Thursday, June 9, 2011

A weekend away

A few weeks ago, Mark and I had a much needed get away. When we were first married and during the years of infertility, we often would take off for the weekend, go to the city, shop, eat in nice restaurants, and indulge our cultural side. After having children, it has been years since we have done anything like that. Last year was our 10 year anniversary, but because Mark was unemployed at that time, we were too poor to do anything fun. We decided to make up for it this year and have a late 10th anniversary/early 11th anniversary trip. One of our favorite musicals, Les Miserables, was coming to the city, so we purchased tickets and scheduled a trip.

We got one of my former students to babysit for the weekend. I was really nervous about leaving my children because I have not left them overnight with anybody other than my mother or my mother in law, but they did great and our babysitter was awesome! I am really lucky to have a plethora of former students who are willing to babysit (usually without compensation - their idea, not mine - but I made her let me pay her this time).

We left our kids in good hands and headed out early in the morning. We stopped at a specialty cupcake shop on the way down where we purchased expensive cupcakes so we could say we have now joined the fancy cupcake craze. Mark and I then checked into an old, romantic hotel that is over 100 years old. The elevator never worked, but I thought it was fun to climb the three flights of stairs because the staircase is so grand and really appeals to the history lover in me. We were right in the heart of downtown which was perfect. We could walk to all sorts of restaurants, shopping, and the theater we were attending.

We enjoyed shopping and a leisurely dinner on the night we arrived. Mark had flowers delivered to me at our table at the restaurant, which was a lovely surprise and made me feel special. The next morning we got up and ate our pricey cupcakes in bed. We pretended to be the judges from Cupcake Wars, rating each cupcake as we ate them. In the end we decided that none of them were really all that great and worth the money. We took our time getting ready that morning, but finally headed off for some lunch before the play. After lunch, it was off to the theater!

The musical was all that I remembered and craved. We've seen it twice before, once in the same theater about eight years ago and once by our local high school about ten years ago. We both love musicals and listen to a variety of musical selections on a regular basis, but it has been years since we attended a professional performance. It took my breath away to listen to the music and watch the story line unfold again. I forgot how much I enjoyed live theater until this event. Both Mark and I were enraptured during the entire performance. After the musical was over, it was time to head home, but we could not stop talking about the play and the music on our way home because it was that refreshing to enjoy!

We didn't set up any concrete plans for most of the weekend, but just basked in each others company. It was so nice to reconnect sans kids. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in work and being a parent and it becomes even easier to forget about being a proper spouse to our partner. This weekend gave us much needed time and we came away closer as a result. It was also nice to put away some of the hats I so often wear. For a day I wasn't "Mom" or "Mrs. D". I was just myself, Rachelle, and the spouse of Mark. What a refreshing change to wear those hats exclusively and remember who I am when I am not playing all those other roles. I loved the entire little get away and hope it won't be six years before we do it again!

When was the last time you took a trip with just you and your spouse? How do you reconnect during those times you can't get away together? I always love to hear from others!

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